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Even Meat-Loving Customers Will Love These Flavourful Vegan Dishes

It's time to seriously get into plant-based cooking — because your customers certainly are...

I love the challenge of creating plant-based dishes

More and more people are rejecting the old formula of meat being at the center of the plate and turning to a plant-based diet instead — whether they're going "the full vegan" or identifying as vegetarian, flexitarian or pescatarian.

This can be the excuse you need to flex your creative muscles in the kitchen and get excited about the possibilities of meat-free cooking. It doesn't need to be complicated, fussy or difficult. Veggies, grains and pulses have just as much potential as meat and fish to satisfy the taste buds!

Being a chef is all about using your creativity, of finding new levels of flavour and texture — and bold, beautiful, wholesome plants are more than up to the job.

How to Create Perfect Plant-Based Dishes

Don't just buy in a veggie burger. Think about complementary herbs, spices, cooking techniques and presentation. Plant-based cooking opens up a whole new world of color, texture and creativity. With the right ingredients and knowhow, your plant-based dishes will be something even confirmed carnivores will want to choose off the menu.