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Becel Margarine

Becel is Canada’s #1 brand of margarine, and is crafted with heart-healthy, Canadian-grown plant-based oils to deliver better-for-you options with exceptional flavour and outstanding performance.

Cooking, baking, spreading, topping. We’ve got it covered!

Our classic spreads start with plant-based oils, and have been Canada’s trusted kitchen partner for generations. A simple 1:1 swap for dairy butter, Becel is perfect for when you’re perfecting your dish to please your people. More recently, we added the ultimate baking partner to the Becel family with the launch of our plant-based Bricks & Cream, created to be an ideal vegan alternative to dairy butter and dairy cream in both taste and performance. Our Becel Plant-based Whipping Cream whips, cooks, and bakes just like dairy cream – without the dairy!

Becel is great for:

• spreading right out of the fridge

• grilling sandwiches

• sauté applications

• sweet and savoury baking

Convenient package formats that deliver exceptional performance and spreadability with a longer shelf life – all at less than half the cost of butter. Becel Original is available in individual portion cups as well as 4lb tubs.