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Violife Cheddar Style Shreds

  • Great melt, perfect for mac & cheese, nachos or baked potatoes
  • Remarkable cheddar-like flavour
  • Delicious cold as a salad topping or side
  • Convenient food service packaging for back-of-house
Create deliciously cheesy dairy-free dishes without compromise. A fantastic vegan cheddar alternative that you can use 1:1 for mac & cheese, nachos, baked potatoes, salads, cheese fries, tacos, burritos, and anywhere else you use cheddar!

Upfield DU: 91300723

Unit weight: 907g

Case count: 5

Keep refrigerated for best quality. Best if used by date on case packaging.
Refrigerated shelf life 180 days.

Water, Coconut oil, Modified potato starch, Modified corn starch, Corn starch, Sea salt, Flavour, Olive extract, Paprika extract, Carotene.
Servings size 1/4 cup (30g)  Amount per serving:



Total Fat

7g (9% DV)

Saturated Fat

7g (35% DV)

Trans Fat


Cholesterol  0mg (0% DV) 


260mg (11% DV)

Total Carbohydrate


Fibre 0g (0% DV 
Sugars  0g (0% DV  


Calcium  0 mg (0% DV) 
Iron  0 mg (0% DV) 
Potassium  0 mg (0% DV) 


"A versatile cheddar cheese alternative I can sub 1:1 in any dish"
Our Violife Cheddar Style Shreds pair the classic taste of cheddar with great melt, perfect for mac & cheese, nachos, tacos, baked potatoes, and more. With convenient pre-shredded packaging, they're also perfect for topping salads, serving on the side or on the buffet.