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Sunflower field

We are Upfield Professional

For a Better Plant-Based Future

At Upfield, our purpose is to make people healthier and happier with great tasting, all-natural plant-based nutrition products that are better for the planet and free from plastic. Since 1871, our aim has been to create healthy alternatives to butters, creams and fats, with delicious-tasting products that perform just as well as dairy. Today, with the collective challenge of building a sustainable future, it’s even more important that we place all-natural plant-based products at the heart of professional kitchens and bakeries. Our innovative products inspire tasty food that is nutritious and better for the planet.

We are Upfield Professional
We are Upfield Professional

A force for change

We are founded on innovation. Our focus is to be the change in the food industry, by creating sustainable plant-based products that are the first choice for flavour and performance in professional kitchens. We aim to make a positive difference to chefs and bakers all over the world - to the taste and nutrition of delicious food and to the future of our planet.