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We’re Upfield Professional

For a Better Plant-Based Future

We are Upfield Professional

At Upfield, our purpose is to make people healthier and happier with great tasting, all-natural plant-based nutrition products that are better for the planet and free from plastic. Since 1871, our aim has been to create healthy alternatives to butters, creams and fats, with delicious-tasting products that perform just as well as dairy. Today, with the collective challenge of building a sustainable future, it's even more important that we place all-natural, plant-based products at the heart of professional kitchens and bakeries. Our innovative products inspire tasty food that is both nutritious and better for the planet.

A force for change

We are founded on innovation. Our aim is to change the food industry by creating sustainable plant-based products that are the first choice in professional kitchens in terms of both flavor and performance. We aim to make a positive difference not only for chefs and bakers all over the world, but also in the flavor and nutritional value of delicious food, and the future of our planet, too.