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Plant based recipes and ideas

Perfect plant-based recipe ideas.

Because veggies are not just for vegans.

Move over meat, because vegetables are the new rock and roll. Putting vegetables center stage is the quickest way to breathe new life into food, and not just because dietary concerns demand it.

Vegetables are the very definition of seasonality, and with them you invite a yearly cycle of colour, flavour, and texture into your kitchen. Hugely versatile, vegetables can shine as ingredients in their own right; not just as vegan and vegetarian substitutes.

Learn how to unleash the power of plants and add value to your menus with these plant-based recipe ideas.

Plant based recipes and ideas

Get your grill to go further – add value to a classic steak by serving a smaller portion of meat and getting inventive with vegetable sides. How about a creamy horseradish slaw and mixed veggie chips, with a salad of baby kale and radicchio?

Garnish to the max – a simple entrée becomes a work of art when you get creative with veggies. Think about simple accents of flavor and really pushing the presentation. A dish like pan-fried duck breast becomes a masterpiece when served over a creamy celeriac puree, with jeweled dice of sous vide beets, crispy carrot shards and a faintly anise jus.

Switch up classics – use your seasonal palate of veggies for a fresh take on old favorites. Serve up sharp Asian slaws or gratins of greens. Make mushroom tarte tatin, with syrupy balsamic shallots, or mix chard stems in your mirepoix.

Plant based recipes and ideas

Sous vide – for vibrant color and fresh-from-the-ground flavor, try sous vide green veggies like broccoli.

Salt-baking – from multicolored heritage carrots to a whole celeriac, salt baking brings out the sweetness packed in root veggies.

Pickling – serve quick pickles such as sweet sliced onions in simple vinegar, or practice some time-honored preserving or fermenting.

Braising – braise firm vegetables such as Jerusalem artichokes in a little stock or water scented with fresh bay leaves and orange zest.

Roasting – try something different and roast radishes with honey, lemon and black pepper.

Baking – from a simple baked sweet potato to a garlic scented root veggie dauphinoise.

Puree – one step more from steaming or sous vide, a single veggie puree can bring another dimension of taste and texture to the plate.

Frying – a pan-fried cauliflower steak is soft and sweet with charred edges. Breaded and deep fried, the cauliflower takes on a savory quality that makes you want more.

Smoking – gentle smoking can bring new life to old classics. Try a simple starter of smoked asparagus.

Grilling – think beyond the usual fare with a warm fall salad of grilled endives with walnuts.

Steaming – sometimes you just want the simplicity of fabulous produce to shine.

The list goes on. One technique building on another. Consider silky smoked eggplant, roughly pureed, textured with crumbs, and deep fried into a beautiful crunchy candy. Pureed leeks siphoned into the lightest foam, or salt baked swede coaxed into a sweet savory mousse.

Not to mention all the different ways to prepare and present vegetables. Think stunningly abstract cauliflower steaks, and ruby shards of deep-fried beets. Tangled shreds of cucumber and asparagus-like textured nests, or a simple swipe of golden pureed corn.

Plant based recipes and ideas

Plant-based food. For vegans. For vegetarians. For everybody.