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One dish fits all

One dish fits all.

Why switching to plant-based fats and creams makes life easier for you.

Butter and cream give rich creamy taste and texture to your dishes. Dairy products round out flavours and add a voluptuous, perhaps even sinful, edge to dishes.

 As chefs we get more and more requests for lighter dishes, dairy-free recipes, and vegan dishes. Which is frustrating, because you lose all that rich depth and silky textures that only dairy can bring.

Until now. And a whole new breed of plant-based fats and creams. Here’s why life in your professional kitchen is about to get a whole lot easier.

One dish fits all
One dish fits all

Luckily, your plant-based cream is smooth flowing. And it won’t go on the turn after 3 days either.

One dish fits all

With professional dairy alternatives you have the freedom to create, with the full arsenal of ingredients at your disposal. Dishes can be deliciously creamy. Rich buttery flavours become once more possible. Many vegetables come alive with the addition of butter and cream. Classic dishes are on the menu once again; for meat eaters, vegetarians and vegans. Catering for a dairy-allergy has never been easier.